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 Being realistic

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PostSubject: Being realistic   Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:43 pm

Let me tell you a little story. It begins when, some time early on in the year 2007, the Pirate Bay announced their plans to purchase the oceanic platform micronation of Sealand, and launched a message board for the discussion of this goal. It quickly filled up with tens of thousands of users (unsurprisingly, as it was on the Pirate Bay's front page), and they began to come up with ideas on what to do with the micronation after they were able to get ahold of it. A lot of people got hooked on the idea of creating a nation for themselves, a nation separate from and unhindered by the political madness that plagues most governments present in the world today. I actually became a moderator on this board fairly early on - at the time I was somewhat of a moron (I thought Communism was a good idea and believed I knew jack shit about economics - ha!), but I was level-headed enough for the moderator position. After a great deal of discussion, the users on the message board found that Sealand was probably a terrible candidate for this project, and they decided that the best course of action would be to try to get a large island. Shortly, it became clear that the guys running the Pirate Bay weren't interested in the whole island thing, and wanted to press ahead and try to buy sealand.

This entire time, I had been part of a "core" group on the IRC, led by a man called Democritus. It was something like a secret society within the project, a more radical sect bent on getting some sort of sovereignty for a new nation. Because the Pirate Bay guys weren't interested in this goal at all, we set up a new website called the "Free Nation Foundation" (a name I came up with, actually), centered around the idea of gathering enough money to get ahold of an island of some kind and slowly but surely gaining sovereignty for the place. We got several thousand users pretty quickly, because we were able to draw from the buysealand userbase. The discussion resumed pretty quickly. Several popular ideas were to base the economy on medical tourism, try to build a network backbone, and gain public support in the western world via a reality TV show about our project, so as to prevent an invasion. Democritus' vision for the proposed society were strongly inspired by , and the core group pretty much went along with it, though the end vision was a tad more libertarian and a tad more practical.

Unfortunately, the whole thing fell apart in the span of a few months. The website went down for weeks, and when it went back up, we didn't have a tenth of the userbase we'd had before. Even before that, the donations had been rather sparse, and it had been looking grim. The only people left were the old core group from the IRC and a few determined users from the FNF. So, they (and I say they because I wasn't very involved with the project at this point) decided to set up a worker-run corporation as a front, that would supposedly function as a microcosm of the proposed society and raise enough money to purchase an island. They had several IT professionals and they decided to set it up as an IT company initially. After getting very few customers, well... I think you can guess how all of this panned out

So, this group had thousands of members at one point, several professionals, and surprisingly few teenagers... and they failed.

Fast-forward to this year, 2010, when I come across an interesting little board on 888chan (yeah, I know...) called /sov/ - Project Sover/i/gn. Unlike the Free Nation Foundation, these guys were VERY unified in their vision for a society - basically, anarchocapitalism. Some of them suggested a plan that I found very interesting: They'd buy several houses in an abandoned town or build a town themselves, elect politicians from their own ranks, appoint police officers from their own ranks, and de facto run things. Eventually, when the population of this town grew to a great enough size and the U.S. government became weak enough, they'd declare sovereignty. Unfortunately, not everybody agreed on this vision, and so you had many people suggesting things like an underwater city or a base in the antarctic. It certainly didn't help that the group had a grand total of about twelve active members, either. And, of course, 888chan went down. They had people saying that they were ready, willing, and funded to buy property; they had unity of vision; they had a realistic short-term goal... and they too failed.

I'm not trying to say that you've given yourselves an impossible task, I'm just trying to say that you've given yourselves a very difficult task. Just, try to understand the scale of what you're proposing.
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PostSubject: :)   Fri Jul 09, 2010 3:56 pm

We do, it may not show through, but we know we're going to have to put up one heck of a fight to get even a tenth of the way there.

Also my vision is very heavily influenced by Manna too.
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Being realistic
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